a woman laughing with braids on her head


Syreeta (suhREEtah) Briggs is a musician, playwright, and performance artist from West Louisville, KY, pushing popular culture forward with her debut EP, TOKENTOPiA.

In November 2020, Briggs premiered her solo show (which she is currently re-conceptualizing as a debut album), TEETH: UH MORALITY PLAY, to stellar reviews, with critics calling the show “a work of genius, compelling and crushing.”

Since then, Syreeta’s become a MacDowell Fellow, a Page 73 Semi-Finalist, and the recipient of two Michael Kanin National Playwriting Awards (including The Hip Hop Theatre Creator Award and The KCACTF Musical Theatre Award).

When Syreeta’s not blowing the roof off the joint with her innovative one-person symphonies, she’s probably binging Paternity Court, teaching herself to rollerblade or sky-gazing, but not necessarily in that order.